Merit Badge Worksheet

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Boy Scout Bee Keepers Merit Badge Requirements
Original requirements from 1983 Manual

1.     Study a hive of bees.  Remove the frames. Find the queen. Figure the amount of the brood and the number of queen cells. Figure the amount of honey in the hive.

2.     Show the differences among the drones, workers, eggs, larvae and pupae at different stages. Tell the differences among honey, wax, pollen, and propolis. Tell how bees   make honey. Tell where wax comes from. Explain the part played in the life of the hive  by the queen, the drones. and the workers.

3.     Hive a swarm or divide at least one colony. Explain how a hive is made.

4.     Put foundation in sections or frames. Full supers with frames or sections. Take off  filled supers from the hive. Fix the honey for market.

5.     Write in not more than 200 words - how and why the honeybee is used in pollinating  farm crops. Name live crops in your area pollinated by honeybees.

Worksheet for 2012 Bee keeping

Safety in bee keeping
  1. What protection should you have when working bees?
  2. If you are stung by a bee, what should you do?
  3. When should you be concerned if stung by a bee?
  4. Why is fire safety important in bee keeping?
  5. What should you tell visitors to do and wear when they visit your hives?

Practical sessions:

Part 1
  1. Build a Hive -  wooden ware and paint.
  2. Build and wire frames
  3. Setting wax foundation into frames
  4. Identify all the parts that make up a typical hive (Instructor to lay them out)
  5. What kinds of hives have you worked with , and can you talk about other kinds of beehives – modern or historical (Bonus Question)

Part 2
  1. Handle Frames of bees
  2. Pull out a frame of Honey or Pollen – being careful not to hurt Queen
  3. Identify Drone bees and Queen bee
  4. Point out pollen, honey, nectar,  brood (both capped and uncapped)
  5. Identify Drones cells
  6. If available , can you point out a Queen cell or cup?
  7. Can you identify eggs ?
  8. Explain why is a queen important to a colony of bees?
  9. Lift  a super of honey off a hive
  10. Help extract the honey from the frames, by cutting off cappings and spinning out the honey
  11. Help bottle the honey

Theory: (Write your answers on this page)

  1. Where does wax come from ? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Where does honey come from? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1.  What is Propolis? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Explain the 3 castes of bees ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Name different 3 kinds of Honey bees ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Why do bees swarm? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Explain why we divide a hive _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What are the most important pests we have to deal with in bee keeping in our area? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. If you are uncertain about something in your hive what should you do? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Write a short story explaining why Honey bees are important..______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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