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Scout Leader:
Rick Cockcroft
(336) Two zero 9-9894
Mentors:  Wally Swaim,  Robert Jacobs,  David Millsaps

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Work day:Sunday July 22nd , 2pm @ Hives

Join a forum:  this is where I “hang out” name “Zulu” as they encourage new keepers and no question is ever stupid…. Family Friendly too
Wally Swaim is a site admin here under the name “Iddee”
If you join as a scout please make this clear so people can help you, maybe choose a name with scout in it… this lists all local information and has a forum too for local advice, also has all the major suppliers listed too. If you choose eventually to join the club , all the local mentors will also be available to you. good section on building bee items



Beekeeping For Dummies by Howland Blackiston and Kim Flottum

First Lessons in Beekeeping by Keith S. Delaplane

More links and books etc will be in the training material.

Veil, Hive tool, smoker, gloves, long shirt or jacket (White or Light color)


At least 24 HOURS over the whole year , plus about 10 hours workshop time