Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scout beekeeping project, troop 107 Greensboro, NC

This is a blog about Boy Scouts in Greensboro NC doing the long discontinued Beekeeping merit Badge.

It was started  by a dad who is a beekeeper, and a bunch of boys and their parents and leaders, with the aim to learn more about bees, and keep at least 2 hives for one complete season. If successful, then the sweet rewards will be much appreciated.

The boys will be learning about Biology, woodwork, botany, a little bit of chemistry, and a LOT of working with others.

The Winter months will be taken up with basic education about bees and their issues, as well as workshop time to build and paint the hives themselves.

In spring we will get a swarm or two of bees and start the process to make them thrive and thus hopefully produce honey and wax in excess of their own needs.

Summer will see the bees at their strongest, and the boys will learn about the pests that bees have to cope with here in the Piedmont of NC. Hopefully we will be able limit chemical treatments to organic only. We will manage space in the hives, add honey supers when needed and extract honey and wax when excess exist.

The project will be run as small groups of boys with adult leaders educating and overseeing , but the boys will do the work once educated.

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