Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hive Management - Scout Evaluation

These are what we will be looking for :

Most of these tasks we have already done, 
also see the tab above for opening a hive.......

Part 2 - Hive Management
  1. Handle Frames of bees
  2. Pull out a frame of Honey or Pollen – being careful not to hurt Queen
  3. Identify Drone bees and Queen bee
  4. Point out pollen, honey, nectar,  brood (both capped and uncapped)
  5. Identify Drones cells
  6. If available , can you point out a Queen cell or cup?
  7. Can you identify eggs ?
  8. Explain why is a queen important to a colony of bees?
  9. Lift a super of honey off a hive
  10. Help extract the honey from the frames, by cutting off cappings and spinning out the honey OR by crush and strain method.
  11. Help Bottle the honey

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