Monday, April 8, 2013

Two new Beekeepers !!!

Jack and Dylan finished up all their requirements for the merit badge and thus have earned the Bee Keeping Merit Badge.


Very disappointing turn out though - only one leader myself and 2 boys, I hope the other boys and participants will still be involved going forward.

We opened up the hive for an inspection, while we did not pull the whole hive apart, we did get down into the brood area and see newly laid eggs and while stores are a bit low the bees are bringing in nectar and pollen, so OK for now. We saw a few small hive beatles, no verroa in the drone brood - which is great news - and good solid activity in all 4 boxes of bees, stores are a little low compared to last time, so bees were eating a bunch while the bad weather endured, but now we are on warm to hot forecasts so will replenish soon

Joe took a number of photo's , so we will see those up here soon.

Congrats to Dylan and Jack - bringing the number of boys who completed all tasks and thus earning Bee Keeper Merit Badge to 4 out of the 9 who started. I know of three more who will probably also complete theirs in near future.

Looking to be a good season, lets all be involved and come out.

NOTE :  if the times do not agree , be proactive and ask for another time and if I am available I will gladly assist you , even during the week. This is about YOU learning to take care of the bees.
To open a hive we want temps about 55, and no blowing wind and no thunder activity or rain.

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