Monday, January 30, 2012

Dates for Feb and March

Ok , we have a few more things to get ready so that we have a home for our bees when they are ready.

We need to get more frames built, and put foundation into these frames, PLUS some more painting

YES _______ PAINTING ...... so this time bring the right clothes please

Second work day.:  SUNDAY February 12th at 2pm again...... sorry but Saturdays dont work all Feb due to swim meets.If the weather is nice - ie over 55 deg with little wind we can open a hive- so be prepared with clothing.....if not sure please ask questions.

The March work day Saturday 17th - St Patrick's Day might, in fact should be a hands on day........which means bringing appropriate clothes to work inside my bee hives and handle bees.

I should have a draft of your study books ready by then...... but please read the Pages on Bee Basics BEFORE coming on Feb 12th 
There will be a simple test to do

Anyone wanting to help prior to this date , contact me as i work in the wood  shop on Bee stuff most free times, weekends always!!!

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