Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This weekend Feb 12 - we will still meet 2pm

So many boys are going skiing, BUT, we still have work and some people staying behind, so we will still go ahead and do some work, as our bees arrive 2nd week of April and we could get a swarm as early as second week of March.

Sunday is going to be VERY VERY cold,  Dress accordingly please and remember we will be painting.

Any and all scouts (plus parents) welcome......even if not part of project and curious about what we are up to.... no bees will be harmed this weekend as too cold.

We will paint, build more frames and also start doing some wiring and wax foundation mounting, as so many boys will be missing, we wont do any theory this week, just hardware.

I will arrange the workshop so we have more space and the heater will be working.

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