Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good work day in the wind

My fault that I did not get the message out, but a few turned out and we got plenty done on Saturday afternoon despite the 35 MPH winds outside.

All hive parts are painted with second coat, Thanks Allen and Rob.

We wired at least 40 of the 70 frames, and have wax foundation in the first 8 frame super.....thanks Dylan and Harrison ..... that gives us enough to put one hive together if a swarm is caught in near future.

Next work day :

March 11, Sunday at 2pm

We will have 30 minutes of Theory, build a hive stand , continue to put wax foundation in frames and also visit the site of the hives on the farm. Watch the site for details on Theory section..

Boys need to vote on  POLL  (Top Right side of page)--- if they want to paint hives with designs or colors too.......


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