Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do bee hives have to be plain ?

So we now have all our wooden ware completely assembled, after a nice adult turnout weekend before last. Our only Scout was Wesley on his 16th birthday too, he showed some of the adults how to make frames in the jig.

We finished the rest of the frames, did a demo of how to wire in foundation despite the cold, the wax shattered with one small tap of the hammer.  We decided that it was too cold to realistically paint , as it was below freezing outside. So will catch up on painting on our next workday. It will NOT be on March 17, as I have to go to Scout Master Training that weekend now. I need to choose another date , so please check back.

We will also do an hour of book work next time, I will prep the lesson and it will on the tabs again. Hopefully by then I will have a quote on getting the books published.

So looking at our nice looking pale yellow hives, and I wondered if we have to keep them so plain, so looked up hive art.....

Some ideas

Could just be multi colored ??
Easy enough to do with some cans of spray paint


So , up to you guys ...... let me know and I will provide supplies to do something artful.....

We could have a nice looking Apiary from the road.

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