Friday, April 6, 2012

Installing our package of bees

This coming Saturday 14 April we will install our new package of bees, lets keep the same time of 2pm

UNLESS the weather is bad, in which case we will do what we have to (if bad weather call me) ..... Am picking up the bees most likely early that Saturday.

I would like the Scouts (and leaders) to read the section on installing a pkg of bees, will attach it on tabs in next few days , as it is one section of our book still not complete ??? :-)           so will be take  a day or so
You all will have to do the work this time, so please read the section....

If you cannot be there, please email me your  preferences to work bees, all boys need some hands on, AND, we need to decide on some teams......will have a THIRD hive soon too, another Local beekeeper, who is a former boy scout  has offered more bees.

We have the hive woodenware, so will go ahead. We will just need to get some more frames and foundation .

...but in the mean time we need an hour in the Barn to wire and put foundation into more of our frames for our own hives we already have committed to.

Lets have some feedback from our Scouts and Parents on how you think this project is working??

Beekeepers in the Piedmont announced this week the Tulip Poplars have started to flower, this is HUGE news in our region, it is 3 weeks early, and a massively important nectar flow for our bees. we will see big growth in all hives in next 6 weeks.

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