Sunday, April 29, 2012

We did work the hives despite the cold day

Well the max temp was only 58deg, and a cold wind, not ideal, BUT we had an issue which we had to fix.

The Swarm hive only had drone brood in the hive, meaning we had a bad queen... she was infertile.

Drone Brood is layed when the queen lays an egg that is NOT fertilized.
Drone brood is identified by the Bullet like tops.

Thus we had to fix this issue or the hive would have died out. 
Two options at this time - buy a Queen for $25
The option we chose - adding a frame of brood from the other hive which was working well,
To be successful you must choose a frame that has eggs as well as new larvae, his way the bees will create a new queen from an egg that is less that 3 days old.

Will check this frame in 4 days time, they should have a queen cell capped by then.

Ask questions via comments or email if you are not sure about what we did or how it will work.

Our manuals should go to printers within the next week.....yahooo!!!

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