Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bee working this Saturday, May 26...... 3pm

Well folks, we might be doing something completely different this Saturday, weather permitting of course Let's plan for 3 pm..... Will only take about 30 minutes or so....... Some of you may remember how we tried to fix the problem hive by Adding a frame of bees to the hive to help them create their own Queen, this has not worked unfortunately, so to the next method...... Laying workers can get so ingrained in the own hive that they think they don't need a queen, so won't help create a new one like we tried. So the best advice is to just shake the bees out, and let them take up with any hive they find, or we can motivate them to fill a hive in the same place as their own hive was. So if all goes to plan tomorrow night I will bring back a small nuc hive I have made by trapping out a swarm from an old building, but it is very small, about 3 frames of bees. I will put this on top of the problem hive ready for Saturday. So on saturday if the weather is nice, we will first remove all 10 frames from the bad hive, we will put the 5 frames from the trap out nuc into the box, then we will take the 10 frames about 20 feet away and shake all the bees off the frames. We will then put back the 5 best frames that have honey and pollen, that is to say we will avoid putting back as much brood or eggs as we can. The other frames will then be frozen for two days and put back into another hive later where the bees will clean them up. We will also check if the other hive needs a new honey super, as two to two and half weeks has been typical to fill a super recently on a strong hive. Pls let me know

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