Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bees are still working

Ok scouts , scouters and parents

The bees are working away and we need to be sure we stay on top of the hives.

SUNDAY 2pm,1st July..... we will work our hives, and maybe do some honey extraction if everything ready.( me more than anything else) it is very hot and sticky job , so be prepared. long sleeves and pants for working the hives and shorts for honey work.

I am almost done with our worksheets, and as I'm sure you already know our books are printed , so everyone will get a book. I ask only my direct costs , $3 each please, I am going to give them all out and expect you to settle with me in your own time, some extra books are still available, not many as I have sold a few on the forums too, to other folks who are working or will work with scouts or youth.

I would like each scout to have a worksheet and we will begin signing off all the functions you have done, like I said originally , we will do all of the Merit Badge requirements, and those that complete , we will embroider a badge onto your sash.
For those boys who have attended most sessions, you have done more than half the requirements, some need to be hands on in the hive and we will need to do some oral work near the fall , based on the book. Describing the 3 bees in a hive, some basics on the pests and disease we face in NC, etc

Pls let me know your attendance this weekend

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